Elger India Automates Its Business Processes With Odoo

  • Location: Coimbatore, India
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Apps Implemented: Accounting, CRM, Inventory, Invoicing, Manufacturing, Purchase, Sales
  • Employees: 30
  • Odoo Users: 18

The Age of Automation

In the modern landscape, the need for automation within the industrial sector is rising rapidly. Automation provides an edge by improving productivity and quality while reducing errors and waste. Actuators are the final elements of the automation system that execute the automation function. Founded in 2013, Elger provides actuation solutions for automation of valves & dampers which are widely used in industries like power, cement, steel, oil and gas. Elger's tightly knit and customer-centric team revolves around the concept of providing innovative products. 

Elger India Automates Its Business Processes With Odoo

Indian Man Is Smiling "Odoo has busted the myth that ERPs are for large enterprises only. Now even a one-person-company can have an effective ERP system successfully implemented."

-Mr. Thiru, Managing Director at Elger Controls India Pvt. Ltd.

Valve actuators of the best quality & reliable performance are in high demand, both at domestic and international levels.  In the early days, Indian industries were dependent on foreign suppliers for the supply of valve actuators. Also, Indian manufacturers who could provide a comprehensive range of products were very limited. Elger wanted to bridge that gap and started manufacturing the full range of actuators in India.

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Odoo Helps Elger To Concentrate On its Business

Previously, Elger used Tally for accounting and Excel sheets for manufacturing records. Information was communicated via hard copies of documents and emails. It was very difficult for the company to maintain and manage the data. "When a sales order used to come, we added the order to an excel sheet and passed a hard copy to the other departments," said Mr. Thiru, Managing Director of Elger.

Elger decided to tap the shoulder of Odoo to convert its business into a single view business model. The company began using Odoo to bring together all the departments so that teams can easily view and track each business interaction. Integration of Accounting with CRM, Sales, and Purchase let the team easily create quotations, calculate costs, and generate invoices. Additionally, each team can check on the status of products and plan the next actions accordingly.

Elger India Automates Its Business Processes With Odoo

Departments saved almost 70% of time by using Odoo tools. When the sales team confirms the order for an actuator on their CRM system, the inventory and accounting team directly get a log of it. Mr. Thiru says "In the beginning, maintaining product traceability was very tough. Now, from quotation to order delivery, we have complete product traceability. In case of a customer complaint, we can easily track the product and resolve the issue."

Elger India Automates Its Business Processes With Odoo

Mr. Thiru had good experience and knowledge of the ERP systems from his previous job, so he decided to study and learn more about Odoo on his own. Odoo extended help by providing training materials and video tutorials. That helped Mr. Thiru to implement Odoo within his business by himself. "Odoo is the complete package. Anyone with basic knowledge of  IT systems can implement Odoo. They don’t have to be an ERP or software expert," says Mr. Thiru. 

In the Future, Elger and Odoo Will Go Hand in Hand

Today, Elger has a centralized system across its business departments. Odoo's shared view dashboard enables different departments to work together. Now, productivity has increased, quality has improved and accounting is easier than ever before. With  Odoo's online access, teams can do everything from quotations to managing inventory to creating invoices from their smartphones. They can retrieve all information in a few minutes and get the work done both in and out of the office. According to Mr. Thiru, “Odoo gives us a great level of flexibility to generate reports and see the insights from almost anywhere." 

Elger still has some processes which are not integrated into Odoo. In the future, Elger is planning to implement a Website, Field Service and Social Media Marketing applications, leaving Elger teams with more time for meaningful business operations. 

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