How Confetti became the largest Finnish baking & party supplies shop

Odoo Ready partner Sprintit has implemented Odoo for a number of customers - one of them is Finnish company Confetti. We talked to Marko Happonen from Sprintit about this project.

Tell us about Confetti and its business 

Confetti was founded in 2006 and is Finland's largest baking and party supplies specialty shop. Confetti is engaged in import, wholesale distribution and retail sales. The company has stores in the Helsinki metropolitan area and an online web-store serving customers. Confetti gets thousands of sales orders per month.

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What challenges did the company face before it implemented Odoo and what were the specific needs addressed by the solution? 

As the company grew, Confetti was looking for an ERP solution to support e-commerce business processes. Most importantly to automate purchasing and inventory management processes, which required a lot of manual processing. One of the key targets was also improving product data management. When data is inputted into the system once, it should be available on the online store and in purchasing. Odoo also enables POS systems for the stores, which is a big opportunity for future system improvements. 

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What solution was delivered? 

Sprint IT implemented Odoo ERP system into Confetti to the following extent:
Master data management
●    Centralized product, customer, and supplier information
●  Governance process for master data maintenance: automatic deduplication barring, fixed values, guidelines for maintenance and master data responsibilities 
●    Catalog Integration: product information, pricing, product images
●    Enable easy POS integration
Warehouse management
●    Automation - a standardized process for the reception and shipping 
●    Automatic shipping and goods issue for webshop orders
●    Integration with logistics partner
●    Traceability and best-before date handling for food products 
●    Multi-warehouse handling
●    Automatic replenishments for internal stock movements
●    Inventory value monitoring 
Purchase Management
●    Webshop-Odoo stock inventory updates and sales order import
●    Purchase proposals based on orderpoints
●    Communication with suppliers 
Pricing management
●    Enter prices once, use everywhere (e-commerce, wholesale, POS)
●    Price lists (wholesale and franchising rates)
●    Tax handling (taxable and tax-free sales)
●    Currency handling (purchase prices in the supplier's currency)

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How has this impacted Confetti's business?

Confetti has been able to reduce the purchase order handling processing time more than 50%. Processing invoices can also be achieved with about 50% less effort than in the past. In addition, users are satisfied with Odoo’s user interface due to its simplicity and clarity. 

How would you describe what Confetti values most about Odoo?

You can introduce new functionalities easily in Odoo, basically with one click.

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