Odoo Transitioned VAHN-TECH's Operations From Offline To Online
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Apps Implemented: Accounting, CRM, Invoicing, Purchase, Sales
  • Employees: 14

VAHN TECH-A Manufacturing Maestro

Founded in 2006, VAHN-TECH manufactures valves, actuators, automatic contol valves, and accessories for a variety of industrial applications. Mr. Khiani started this company from Canada under the brand name VAHN-TECH. With Offices in 12 countries, the firm is on a mission to achieve long term partnership with customers and be their first choice of supplier.


VAHN-TECH is recognized for its 'value-added' and 'quality service' principles, thanks to its visionary founder, Mr. Khiani and his son, Mr. Karan Khiani. Today, this father-son duo have put the firm in an enviable position.

Adopting A Customer-centric Busines Model With Odoo

Like any other organization, VAHN-TECH also had its fair share of teething difficulties. A hurdle in VAHN-TECH's mission to customer-centricity was their early traditional business practices. The team struggled as the company's data was spread across different systems. The VAHN-TECH team used Tally for accounting and Excel sheets to store various records. 

Alejandro Flores"Odoo is a well-rounded system. You can have everything in one software, and it's well linked up." 
- Mr. Karan Khiani, VP of Sales & Marketing at VAHN-TECH International INC



However, the team lacked departmental transparency and struggled to work efficiently with its worldwide network. Maintenance of sales records and customer pipelines was causing a hard time for employees as they could not obtain the data on time, which they needed to make key decisions.

Mr. Karan recognized the need for a reliable platform that would provide seamless integration between all the departmental processes. He was looking for a tool that has cloud-based features and user-friendly functionalities. Karan compared platforms like NetSuite, Zoho, Salesforce, and Odoo, and found Odoo a perfect fit for his business needs. Moreover, the capability to choose business-relevant apps from hundred of apps gave Odoo an upper hand. 


VAHN-TECH has since leveraged Odoo technology to create an employee-friendly and customer-centric business model. Implementing Odoo has helped the team to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively. Odoo CRM enables the team to manage customers smartly, the Accounting tool records in and out expenditures, and the Sales tool keeps a record of all the sales activities. Hence, Odoo eliminated the gap by providing seamless integration between all business departments. 

Odoo Transitioned VAHN-TECH's Operations From Offline To Online

"Odoo is very user friendly," says Karan Khiani, VP of Sales & Marketing. "You can easily learn and explore all the functions by just playing around or by watching demos." As Odoo is a SaaS-based platform, VAHN-TECH doesn't need to invest heavily in storage and server infrastructure. Odoo's real-time updates help employees to stay on the same page. "With real-time updates, our teams no longer have to wait and go through multiple checkpoints. Everyone can see and get the details they want from all the offices," explains Karan. "This is helping them to work smarter and faster."

A Bright Future Ahead
Currently, VAHN-TECH is happy to see transparency in all its business departments. Odoo's mobile-based access made information available on phones. Employees no longer have to carry their laptops to look for an update. A consolidated view of all the channel operations provides a smarter way to manage and monitor everything.

Odoo Transitioned VAHN-TECH's Operations From Offline To Online

Moreover, automating and streamlining business processes has increased customer retention and satisfaction. "We love Odoo's integrated apps and its interface. It's like a one-stop-shop for every business need," says Karan. With a customer-centric business model that revolves around customer satisfaction and value addition, VAHN-TECH is on its way to build the bright future it has envisioned for itself. 

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