Sanitairkamer: Creating Dream Bathrooms with Odoo

Company: Sanitairkamer B.V.
Location: Harderwijk, the Netherlands
Industry: Retail / Bathroom
Partner Name: B-Informed 
Odoo Account Manager: Laura Koedam 
Main Apps Implemented: Sales, Purchases, Helpdesk, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting
Company Size: 65
Number of Users: 57

About Sanitairkamer

Sanitairkamer is a specialist in bathroom and tiles that began in Harderwijk seven years ago. With a vast assortment of goods ranging from budget to high-end products, Sanitairkamer can cater to the needs of every customer. Over the years, the company has experienced rapid growth with the opening of three physical stores supported by a centralized warehouse. In addition to the physical stores, Sanitairkamer began serving customers in the Netherlands and Belgium via a Magento webshop. While the majority of the players in the bathroom retail market exploit e-commerce and physical stores, what sets Sanitairkamer apart is their level of service, a progressive catalog, national coverage, and their marketing strategy.

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Out Growing Old Methods

The retail-bathroom market is dominated by 15-20 players, of which the majority are exploiting brick and mortar and online stores. Sanitairkamer continuously strives to set itself apart from the competition. With this goal occurred innovation within decision making and the use of tools. As Sanitairkamer experienced rapid growth, previous methods of operation became outdated. To maximize the level of service the company strove for, they needed to implement a system that was more advanced and integrated than Excel sheets, which was initially sufficient for the small orders and customers Sanitairkamer initially had. 

Sanitairkamer needed to implement their e-commerce and brick and mortar methods into one system. They were looking for a system to automate order processing, warehousing, finance, and to connect all stores and webshops in one. The key values Sanitairkamer brought to the drawing table were automation, speed, integration, and customer service. The company needed a system that brought together what they were looking for and the key assets Sanitairkamer brought.

Sanitairkamer Harderwijk

After a thorough assessment of the company’s processes and a market analysis on ERP systems, it became clear that Odoo offered the solution Sanitairkamer was seeking. The process of implementation began in 2017 with the Sales and Accounting modules and received the first Magento order in Odoo in November 2017. In the following months, Sanitairkamer integrated other modules; Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Helpdesk. 

It was in 2019 when the company began to utilize the Inventory module with the opening of its new warehouse. With more than 2500m² of storage space, it was essential for all warehouse information to be present in Odoo. Interconnecting, the inventory module, was the most significant automation that occurred during the implementation phase. They began with copy and pasting excel sheets, printing orders, remembering what to order from suppliers—and manually creating a shipping label to automate the customer order to shipment process fully.

The implementation process did not come without its challenges. At times, the process was stressful and frustrating, but a solution to the problems was always possible thanks to implementation partner B-informed

“With Odoo, we have a lot of flexibility. It integrates well with a lot of (free) 3rd party apps. When we are not satisfied with the available apps, Python-based Odoo makes it possible to create your customizations relatively easily.”

- Matthijs Weijma, Application Engineer at Sanitairkamer 

The Mixing Bowl

A Foundation in Growth

The implementation process at Sanitairkamer is still ongoing and is one that they continuously learn from today. They see endless possibilities in automating their business with Odoo, but there are still a few more hurdles they need to jump before reaching full automation. Sanitairkamer views Odoo as one of the core components in their growth.

“Odoo is part of the foundation to support our rapid growth.”
- Sander de Waal, Marketing Manager at Sanitairkamer

With the implementation of Odoo, the company managed to integrate various business units into one system. This facilitated work for Sanitairkamer, faster, and more efficient. There is not one business unit that did not profit from Odoo. The system is used by all employees daily and is the core of Sanitairkamer’s day to day business. 

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