The 3 recommended type of barcode scanners to work with the Odoo Inventory & Barcode Scanning apps are the USB scanner, the Bluetooth scanner and the Mobile Computer scanner.

Odoo Inventory Hardware

Honeywell 4800i

USB Scanner

If you scan products at a computer location, the USB scanner is the way to go. Simply plug it in the computer to start scanning.

Choose a USB barcode scanner if you plan to scan products at the computer station.

Barcode Scanner

Inateck BCST-10

Bluetooth Scanner

The bluetooth scanner can be paired with a smartphone or a tablet and is a good choice if you want to be mobile but don't need a big investment.

Bluetooth connections are suitable for maximum 30 feet (10 meters) so you will have to scan products nearby the computer station.

Zebra TC200J-10C112A6

Zebra TC20

Mobile Computer Scanner

For heavy use, the mobile computer scanner is the handiest solution. It consists in a small computer with a built-in barcode scanner.

This one can turn out to be a very productive solution. Go for it if you want to scan products at different locations.

Mobile Scanners

The most recent models using Android + Google Chrome should do the job.

Due to the variety of models and configurations on the market, it is essential to test it first.

Zebra Technologies

However, we recommend the Zebra product line and more precisely the TC20 and TC7x series.

USB / Bluetooth

Odoo supports most USB and Bluetooth barcode scanners (as they all emulate a keyboard). Just make sure when you buy it that the scanner is compatible with your keyboard layout or can be configured to be so. We've tested a few devices for you:

Odoo Inventory Hardware

Label Printers

To print labels from shipping companies, you will need a compatible printer. We recommend the model Zebra GK420d.

This printer had been tested on most label formats (PDF, PNG, ZPL) for all carriers we support (UPS, Fedex, USPS...)