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IoT Box Subscription

The IoT Box Subscription costs US$ 20.00 /month/box. For each IoT Box Subscription, you get an IoT Box for free (shipping fees included) (special temporary offer).

IoT Box

It is also possible to buy an IoT Box from our eCommerce for US$ 183.99*.

If the IoT Box is connected to a production database, the US$ 20.00 /month/box subscription will be added to the enterprise contract automatically.

*Price is based on your region
Maintenance Policy

The Iot Box has a one year warranty. If there is an issue with the box, the customer can send it back within one year and get a new one.

Yes. If you buy an IoT Box for a fixed price (or build it yourself) and connect it to a V9, V10 or V11 database, you’ll be able to use it as a normal PoSBox. In this case, you will not pay the subscription per box.

I already have a PoSBox, will it work as an IoT Box?

Yes, but you have to flash the SD card to have the new version of the image that is available here. Steps to follow:

  1. Download the image
  2. Unzip the image (not necessary apparently with etcher)
  3. Use a program like Etcher to put the image on the card. You can find it here (-> image maybe) on the Raspberry Pi. You might need a mini-SD card to SD card converter/special reader in order to connect the card with your computer.

Note that once the PosBox upgraded to an IoT Box will be connected to a production V12 EE database, the 25€ IoT Box Subscription will be automatically added.