Upload and publish in seconds

Publish Powerpoint presentations

Make your Powerpoint presentations available to anyone, exactly the way it looks on your computer and with no need for the program itself.

Load videos

Forget about complicated tools and expensive web hosts to share your videos. Upload on YouTube and share straight from your website.

Upload documents and images

Share any infographics, slides, documentation and pictures in PDF, PNG and JPEG.

Promote your content in just a few clicks

Promote Tool to get the best referencing

Odoo's "Promote" tool suggests keywords according to the most searched terms on Google. Search Engine Optimization tools are ready-to-use, with no configuration required.

Automatic content indexation

When a slide is uploaded, all content is transcribed for the best indexation for search engines.

Easily share on your favorite social networks

Allow your viewers to interact with your content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and to engage through comments and ratings. Embed your content in websites, blogs and social media. All in one click.

Attract & keep visitors

Gather all material on your website

Stop losing visitors by sending them to Slideshare and Youtube - everything is available on your own website and integrated with the rest of your interface and navigation.

Sell material

Provide training and documentation

Create a private channel to allow customers to access material they have purchased from you online.

Smarter Search

Search by title, tag or content

Give your visitors instant access to what they are looking for! The smart search tool scans through all your content and highlights any document containing the search terms.

Get insightful data

Stats on downloads, likes, comments and web & email shares

Share only your best content by keeping track of what is most popular thanks to a seamless integration with Google Analytics.

Smart analysis of views and traffic origin

Improve your communication by analyzing accurate data on it.

Easily browse through content

Browse by channel & tag

Allow people to scan through categories instead of searching for keywords and give them access to more content.

Sort by newest, most viewed,
most voted

Create loyal viewers by prioritizing the right content.

Collaborate with everyone

Rate and start a discussion about documents

Let visitors and employees evaluate the information. Engage with them through comments.

Moderate uploaded content

Check external uploads before deciding whether to publish.

Invite guest contributors and upload their work to your website

Organize content


Create public and private channels to publish your content and decide who has access to each channel.


Add tags categorizing the content of your presentations allowing users to browse more easily.


Organize your content through categories on each channel’s main page to help people find the content they are looking for.